Complying with GDPR

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for European Citizens comes into effect in May 2018. We have summarised below how this relates to MinuteDock.

Ensuring your business's compliance with GDPR

  • MinuteDock only stores customer data that you input into the application.
  • You will need to comply with GDPR requests from your clients by removing relevant data from MinuteDock, using the deletion functions within the application.

Us complying with GDPR

  • Please send any GDPR-related requests to
  • GDPR enshrines certain privacy protections for European Citizens.
  • MinuteDock will purge any of your personal data of from our systems at your request.
  • Certain personal data is required to enable our day-to-day operation in providing the service to you, and can not be removed while you maintain an active subscription to MinuteDock.
  • Our data is hosted securely by Amazon Web Services in the USA.
  • MinuteDock does utilise and share data with some third party services for the day-to-day operation of our service. For example, our customer support software receives relevant data from our system in order for our team to provide customer support to you. At your request, we can purge relevant data as required under the GDPR.
  • We don't sell any data to third parties.
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