MinuteDock and QuickBooks overview

MinuteDock integrates with QuickBooks Online and brings across your customers, services/items, classes and employees. You and your team log your time in MinuteDock, and can send it over to QuickBooks when you’re ready to invoice or run payroll.

There are two ways to get your time into QuickBooks from MinuteDock:

  1. Creating a draft invoice in MinuteDock and sending it through to QuickBooks
  2. Running Send Time to QuickBooks to create appropriate Time Activities in your QuickBooks account.

Generally you would pick one of these options, depending on your setup.

Sending an invoice is the simplest option if you don’t need to have the Time Activities in QuickBooks, or aren’t on a QuickBooks plan that supports time tracking.

If you have more complex needs, such as tracking employee time for Payroll purposes or want to run time reports in QuickBooks, then you can Send Time directly to QuickBooks and/or set up automatic time sending (where MinuteDock will automatically sync every hour).

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