Import Xero contacts

By default MinuteDock will import Xero contacts from the “Customers” group inside Xero. The way this group works is that only contacts who have had a sales invoice raised against them will be included.

If you want to import contacts you’ve added to Xero but are only in the All Contacts group, what you should do is:

In Xero:

  1. Go to the Contacts section
  2. Create a new contacts group (eg. Consulting Clients)
  3. Under All Contacts, search & select any contacts you want to add to this group. Then press the “Add to Group” button.

In MinuteDock:

  1. Go to the Xero tab (top right).
  2. Click “Sync Now” so that we can see the new contact group you’ve added in Xero.
  3. Under Contact Import, select the new group that you added, so we can sync contacts from it. Save the settings.
  4. Click “Sync Now” again. We will now import contacts from the group you created.

Whenever you want contacts that aren’t flagged as Customers in Xero to come across to MinuteDock, you can simply add them to your new group in Xero.

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