Configuring items, tracking categories and ledger accounts

Where MinuteDock really shines is its ability to automate the selection of Xero specific fields - so that you don’t have to manually pick them each time. This can really speed up your invoicing process.

Some examples of how you might use this in your business:

  • You might have a Tracking Category for each Department, and you can specify the Department for each employee so that this comes through directly to the Invoice.
  • If you have a Tracking Category for each Project you can have this automatically flow through when Invoicing.
  • If you have Items setup for certain type so of work, you could set these up for each of your MinuteDock Tasks.
  • You might have a tracking category set up for the different types of business you do, so you could link the appropriate clients to the correct business area automatically.

Setting Default Options

You can specify a default for the Item, Account, and tracking categories in your Xero settings at the top right corner of MinuteDock. These can also be customised by User, Contact, Project and Task.

Customising by User, Contact, Project, and Task

To automate this based on the work that you perform, you can apply these settings for each User, Contact, Project and Task.

It’s important to understand how MinuteDock picks your choices for any time entry or line item row. Importantly, assuming the information is available:

  1. User settings will override your default options.
  2. Contact settings will override any User options.
  3. Project settings will override any Contact or User options.
  4. Task settings will override all options.

Of course, these settings will only apply if your time entries have been assigned the appropriate details.

To set User-specific options:

  1. Go to the Account tab at the top right of MinuteDock
  2. Click “Manage” next to the User’s name.
  3. On the right hand side you should see the Xero options to customise. Leave the choice as “Default” if you don’t want to override the option.

For Contacts, Projects & Tasks:

  1. Go to the appropriate MinuteDock section (Contacts, Projects, or Projects > Tasks).
  2. Click the Edit the Contact/Project/Task
  3. Click the option to “Edit Xero Invoicing Options”  
  4. Select the options you want to apply. Leave the choice as “Default” if you don’t want to override the option.
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