Sending an invoice to Xero

Sending an invoice with Xero is practically the same as generating an invoice normally, so if you haven’t already make sure you read our guide on invoicing. We’ll talk about the Xero-specific functionality and options below.

When sending an invoice with Xero, MinuteDock will create a Draft invoice in your Xero account and give you a link to open the invoice. You will approve the final invoice from within Xero, and also send the invoice to the client from Xero. This means your invoices will automatically apply your invoice template and design you have set up in Xero. Likewise, all your payment handling and accounts receivable processes will be handled in Xero.

When your account is linked with Xero, you’ll have a few extra options for each of the generated line items. These include:

This is a list of Items imported from your Xero account. If you don’t see this option, it means you don’t have any Items set up in Xero.

This is your general ledger account imported from your Chart of Accounts in Xero. We’ll only show you your Revenue ledger accounts.

Tax Rate 
This is your standard tax rates configured in your Xero account. When you pick an Account, we’ll assign the default tax rate linked to that ledger account in your Xero settings, but you are able to override it if you want.

Tracking Categories 
You can have up to two active tracking categories in Xero with their own name, letting you specify custom information on each line item - this is great for breaking down financial reports by custom criteria. For each tracking category you have set up, you should see an option on each line item. If you don’t see any tracking categories that means you haven’t set any up in Xero.

These options will all flow straight through to the Xero invoice that will be created. You’ll also be able to edit or tweak the choices once the Invoice is sent to Xero.

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