Adding time and editing time entries

We all forget to start our timer sometimes but don’t worry! You can retroactively track your time using the app. Just tap the list icon at the top of your screen and you can monitor, edit and re-dock your time.

To view logged time:

Use the ‘previous week’ or ‘next week’ buttons to navigate through past weeks time entries, you can tap on the entries to re-dock, edit and or delete them.

To add time:

To add time just click on the + icon and use the timer to enter in the time you worked. You can also assign contacts, projects and tasks as well as add a description and change the date. Hit the save button to complete your time entry.

To re-dock, edit or delete time:

Tap on a time entry to re-dock, edit or delete. Re-docking an entry from today will start the timer where you left off, re-docking an entry from a previous day will copy all of the details but start a new timer for today. 

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