How to track time

Track your time using the dock. Type a short description of what you’re working on and for how long, then click “log”.

To use the timer as you go, click the clock icon on the right hand side of the dock. Clicking it again pauses the timer.

To choose the contact you’re tracking time for, type @ in the dock and a dropdown menu of your contacts will show up.

To choose the project you’re tracking time for, type # in the dock followed by the project name.

To apply a task to your entry, type #, followed by the task.

To track time retroactively, you can type “3 hours” or “(last Wednesday)” to your entry before you click log.  Learn more about our shortcuts.

To track time on behalf of another user click on ‘my time’ under the time tab and select your user. Only admins have this ability.

To track your time on the go, download the MinuteDock app for iPhone and Android devices.

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