How to track time

You can start running the clock for a time entry by hovering over the gray clock icon on the timer at the top of your page. Click the timer again to pause the clock.

To edit the time displayed by the clock, hover over the clock and double-click with your mouse. This will access the clock text box, where you can edit the hours:minutes being displayed by the clock.

Every time entry can be assigned to a single client, a single project, and multiple tasks as necessary.

To add a contact to a time entry - access the textbox, and use the @ symbol (SHIFT+2) followed by your client’s short code which was created when you made the contact. For example, ‘@minutedock’. Pressing the SPACEBAR key afterward will assign the client to the entry. 

To add a project/task to a time entry - access the textbox, and use the # symbol (SHIFT + 3) followed by the project or task short code which was created when making your project/task. For example, ‘#admin’. Pressing the SPACEBAR key afterward will assign the label to your time entry.

You can have one project assigned to a time entry, and as many task labels as you want.

The textbox can also be used to type additional notes for your time entry. 

You can differentiate between your labels and general notes by noting that your contact/project labels are in the highlighted box in the timer/textbox, while tasks appear as a tab above the timer/textbox.

Your notes will appear simple as text within the textbox.

When you are finished with your time entry, you can click on the 'LOG' button to the right of the timer, or press your ENTER key, to log the time entry.

View time entries under your 'Time' tab in MinuteDock, or in the 'Reports' section.

There are a number of useful shortcuts to make recording time easier.

For example - to track time retroactively, you can type “3 hours” or “(last Wednesday)” to your entry before you click log.  

Learn more about our shortcuts.

To track time on behalf of another user click on ‘my time’ under the time tab and select your user. Only users with admin privileges have this ability.

To track your time on the go, download the MinuteDock app for iPhone and Android devices.

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