Tracking expenses

MinuteDock allows you to track expenses and include them in your invoices when you bill your clients. You can track either a ‘one-off’ expense with a monetary value or choose from pre-priced items in your Items list.

Expenses is still in beta – to get Expenses enabled on your account, send an email to

To add an expense

  1. Go to the Expenses tab
  2. Click ‘Add Expense’
  3. Assign the Contact or Project you wish to track for by using the @ and # buttons
  4. Select from your list of Items (see below on how to create an Item) or select a one-off expense. Items will already have a billable value so you will be selecting the quantity of items to bill. A one-off expense will be something that is not already in your items list and will require a billable amount.
  5. Enter the quantity or cost for your expense
  6. Add any notes
  7. Save

To edit an expense

  1. Click on the expense to edit
  2. Change any details including the date, contact/project, item, quantity and notes
  3. Save the expense by pressing [Enter] or clicking the tick icon. 
    To delete an expense, click the delete button (the red ‘X’).

To set up an expense Item

  1. Head to the Expenses tab
  2. Click on the ‘Items’ sub-tab
  3. Click on ‘Add Item’
  4. Name your item and give it a billable amount. You can also include a description here if you’d like.
  5. Hit ‘Save’ to add the Item to your list.

Show me how to add an expense to my invoice

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