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Choose to invoice later


Now when you remove line items from an invoice, you can choose whether you write it off, or invoice it later.

Recurring budgets


Now you can set your budgets to be recurring on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. To edit your budget, just head to your Contact or Projects settings.

Sync reference fields


We've added support for syncing the reference field from projects to your invoices. This works for Xero & QuickBooks. Set a reference for your project and this will automatically populate the reference field on your invoice.

Historic billing rates


We've updated our hourly rate system from the back-end so that you can archive your historic billing rates. We haven't exposed it in the UI yet, but it will come in a later update.

If you do need to keep the old billing rates around for your own reporting purposes we can archive the rates for you. Get in touch with us support@minutedock.com

Connect your MinuteDock to 750+ apps across the web with Zapier


Ever wished you could link your MinuteDock account to other apps to streamline you workflow? Well now you can!

We've just added integration with Zapier, which allows you to connect to 750+ of the best apps across the web (such as Trello, Slack and Google Docs). Zapier handles all the nitty gritty of the integration process – so once you’re all set up you can focus on your work.

Use Zapier to trigger an action in MinuteDock (ie creating a new time entry), or use MinuteDock to trigger an action elsewhere (ie sending an email). This makes it great for completing routine tasks automatically, saving you loads of time.

Let us know what zaps you make and tweet us @MinuteDock

Learn more about MinuteDock + Zapier