Customer Stories

See how these great businesses are tracking time with a smile on their face.


“It makes recording the time spent on each assignment so much easier and increases productivity. Plus, our time logs are more accurate than before.”
Andrea Brown
Head of Marketing

"MinuteDock allows me to see what projects we're spending our time on and keeps us focused."
Nik Wakelin

Friday Consulting

“MinuteDock allows me to track my own time, and see where all consultants are in terms of time.”
Shivani Ganguly
Founder & Principal

Pepper IT

"MinuteDock helps to create a rhythm in the day and make sure we don’t get distracted!"
Ryan Shelly
Managing Director


“It has worked flawlessly for us for just over 5 years now, and easily handled our growing needs.”
Carl Penwarden
Managing Director


“Collating data and reporting it in a timely manner is crucial to what I deliver to my clients.”
Petrina Day
Finance Director


“It helped me find a rhythm and gave me a way to really keep track of my days.”
Tammy Shugart

Cloudsourced Accounting

MinuteDock is hands down the quickest and most efficient method for entering time. Our bookkeepers love it.
Blake Oliver

Customers all around the world rave about MinuteDock

MinuteDock is simple, quick and easy to use. I'm not that computer-savy and it's a breeze to use.

- Anna Cherry

I love that MinuteDock and Xero integrates so well. Makes my job so much easier.

- Ruben Van Der Merwe

I love the ease with which you can create an invoice with all the time-sheeting information clients want.

- Katja Forbes

I'm so SO thankful for this software, and specifically how it talks to Xero - it's made this part of my business so efficient.

- Tamara Shugart

An incredibly efficient and easy to use timekeeper! Perfect for keeping track of schedules.

- Benjamin Judd

Great tool, super responsive and lovely team. Makes invoicing a breeze.

- John Irving

MinuteDock saves me a ton of time and I know my time is being tracked accurately.

- Catherine Fogarty

I absolutely LOVE MinuteDock! Time tracking and invoicing was a chore until I starting using this about 6 months ago.

- Kate Beresford

Absolutely love using MinuteDock and it's intergration with Xero - this app saves me so much time each month.

- Lynda Fraser