Tracking time on the go

Tracking time on the go is easy, start by heading to the Dock tab by clicking at the bottom of the screen. This will show your current active timer, and will stay in sync with whatever is running on the Desktop version too.

Press the start/pause button to start and stop your timer. When you’re ready to log the time entry, just hit the Log button. You can use the icons at the bottom left to add Contacts, Projects and Tasks to your entry and use the ‘What are you working on…?’ space to type a description. This can be done at any time.

To assign a Contact:

Click on the @ button to bring up a list of your Contacts. Your pinned contacts will appear at the top and you can also use the search function to find a Contact. Click on the one you want and it will appear below your timer.

To assign a Project:

Click on the # button to bring up a list of your Projects. This works the same as Contacts. You simply click on the Project you are looking for and it pops up below your timer. Don’t forget that Projects are linked to Contacts so if you have already selected a Contact, only the Projects relating to that Contact will appear in your drop down. Likewise, if you haven’t selected a Contact yet and you pick a Project, the Contact will be automatically assigned.

To assign a Task:

Click on the Tag button and you’ll find a menu of all your Tasks. Unlike Contacts and Projects where you can only assign one to each time entry, with tasks you can pick as many as you like. Just tap on all of the tasks you want to assign and hit ‘done’.

To edit the time in the Dock:

You can easily edit your current time entry by tapping on the running time itself in the Dock. Then using the number pad, change the hours and minutes. Alternatively, tapping the ‘+5min’ ‘+15min’ ‘+1hr’ buttons that appear will automatically add that time to the timer.

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