Spotlight on Bookit: Bookkeepers Tracking Time With MinuteDock

It’s time to start a grand new adventure! Community is everything in the cloud software business, and we at MinuteDock thought that now might be an excellent chance to take a look at the businesses who have supported us throughout the years, to share their stories; trials; tribulations, and wisdom. With that in mind, we’re taking a look at the story behind Bookit, long-time friends and supporters of our team.

Bookit are an Australian based full service bookkeeping firm focused on the concept that good bookkeeping is more than just numbers – it’s about sharing valuable knowledge and experience to help customers have all the information they need in order to create business success. As the folk at Bookit themselves say: ‘Good books can be the difference between a business that struggles and one which succeeds.’

Created in 2009 by Karen Kennedy, Bookit began as a small, single bookkeeper operation. They’ve since grown and expanded to include a team of expert bookkeepers who cater to the needs of businesses across Australia, joining the MinuteDock family in 2014 to keep track of time worked by a team which operates from areas all over the country.

Karen started Bookit after taking time off to have her family, with a strong drive to start her own business in the belief that working for herself would allow her to create more value for her clients. ‘Seeing how the help I could give [clients] made a real difference’ is the true reward of starting her own business, explains Karen. That dedication, discipline and determination would serve as the foundation for Bookits’ lasting success.

But it’s about more than just the books – A large part of Karen’s thought process is around building community, around being more than just another bookkeeping team. Clients know that when they have questions, or need a contact for a given industry, they can go to Bookit for advice. That sort of community driven approach to building relationships is a staple of the teams’ culture, and integral to the strength of the relationships they share with their clients.

The Bookit logo is a hummingbird, and for good reason. The small bird blends agility and flexibility to complete its’ work in an efficient manner. Much in the same way, the Bookit team strive for a work ethic which encompasses these qualities, striving to be capable of adapting to changing conditions and making hard work look effortless.

Alongside almost every business around the world, Bookit are weathering the difficulty of the impact the global pandemic has had and continues to have on the economy and the success of businesses. While the Bookit team have themselves managed to ride the waves so far, it’s the emotional impact of the pandemic which has hit the team strongly. With clients from a variety of industries it was inevitable that a number of them would be hugely impacted by the turmoil. ‘We see them raw and at their best (and worst) and we never take that trust and privilege for granted’, says Karen. ‘We are truly blessed and honored to be invited to partner with such incredible businesses.’

Karen and the team try to do their best to help out wherever they can, whether by offering much-needed added assistance to ease a burden or by providing a friendly ear to allow venting of concerns and frustrations. Being able to provide this sort of important support to struggling businesses speaks to the teams’ continued adherence to Bookit’s founding principles.

It’s hard to know what the future will hold, but what is clear is that surviving tough times means relying on strong inter-business relationships. Knowing the right people, being able to find the right information, and having help available when it’s needed. What goes around comes around, and the team at Bookit know that the help they provide now may well come back to them at some point in the future. Business is more than just the numbers after all.

We on the team at MinuteDock are grateful and excited to continue working with Karen and Bookit to build strong and long-lasting community relationships. Thanks a lot to Karen for contributing to the first iteration of our ‘spotlight’ series on long time friends and customers of MinuteDock. We’re looking forwards to learning more great stories like Bookit’s and sharing them through our MinuteDock academy site as we move forwards.

If you are interested in sharing your team’s story in our spotlight series, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the MinuteDock support team and be a part of our new community driven initiative!


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