Time Tracking For Android

The best time tracking software is made even more powerful with time-management in the palm of your hands. Track time on the go with MinuteDock's mobile time tracking app for Android.

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Connect with MinuteDock's software integrations

The MinuteDock time tracking app for Android can sync with your accounting software of choice to make your life easier.

Record time wherever you go

Keep track of lunch meetings and track time you forgot to log on your way home.

Track time for employees

Project time tracking is easy as each employee can log their contributions from the office or from home.

Create reports on time usage

Detailed reports generated from time logs will give valuable insight into how work time outside the office is spent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my whole team use the app?

As long as you team are users on your MinuteDock account, they can use the app.

Does this app connect to QuickBooks?

The phone app can sync with any of MinuteDock's accounting integrations - including QuickBooks!

Can the app be used during a free trial?

No problem! The app is fully useable during your free trial.

Do I need an online account?

You will need an online account with MinuteDock to log into the app.

Is there a version for iPhone?

Absolutely! Check out the time tracking app for iPhone on the app store.

Can I see time from the phone app in my web account?

Of course - Time tracked on the phone app syncs directly with your web account.

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