Time Tracking for Bookkeepers

Embrace Reduced Hassle and Streamline Your Billing Processes With Simple to Use Time Tracking

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As a bookkeeper you need to keep on top of productivity, and ensure client billing is accurate, whether it's based on value pricing package arrangements or on hourly charge rates.

Your solution needs to be easy and simple to use and set-up, avoiding unnecessary overkill and overly complicated features, allowing you to accomplish what you need while saving time rather than wasting it.

Designed for Small Practices and Teams

MinuteDock is designed with smaller professional service businesses in mind, meaning we can more effectively cater to the needs of those companies.

  1. Add a number of users to the team account
  2. Manage user permissions as an admin
  3. Easy to use system will have your staff wanting to track their time!
  4. Mobile apps make MinuteDock usable on the go as well as at the office

Track time on clients, tasks, and activities

MinuteDock is intuitive to understand and useable from the moment you sign up – saving you the trauma of excessive set-up processes.

  1. Easily add notes to time entries to keep track of what you are doing
  2. Switch between time entries to track different clients/job, while still being able to come back and resume work later
  3. Categorize your workload by client, project, and task to make billing and invoicing a breeze

Charge for Hourly Services and Bill the Client via Your Accounting System

MinuteDock syncs and sends your billing data across to the accounting software of your choice to make billing smooth and easy.

  1. MinuteDock rolls up your hourly billed work into an invoice presented & grouped up how you want it
  2. Your accounting system manages invoice delivery and accounts receivable – we believe in working with the best tools, not trying to duplicate or replace them!
  3. Automatically apply your customised billing rates – configurable in a multitude of ways, by employee, client, job, activity– or a combination!
  4. Map tracking categories and accounting ledger codes seamlessly to your accounting system

Keep on Top of Productivity and Profitability

Never lose track of what you need to get done, or of what it's worth to you. MinuteDock keeps you aware of the big picture while you focus on the nitty gritty.

  1. Generate powerful reporting insights in seconds
  2. View the value of work in progress
  3. Centralised reporting based on time tracked allows for breaking reports down inflexible terms
  4. Set up recurring budget for clients - ensure that you don’t over commit to client work and are charging the appropriate amount for the value you’re providing

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need other software to use MinuteDock?
    Not if you don’t want to! MinuteDock can be used without any software integrations. Having said that, we find that our customers can often get the best value out of their MinuteDock usage by making use of one of our accounting software integrations to streamline their billing process.
  • Do you have an iPhone or Android app?
    We sure do – the MinuteDock mobile app links and syncs directly with your MinuteDock account. Best of all, it’s free to use with your MinuteDock subscription. Find out more here.
  • I have old data solution that I want to import to MinuteDock. How can I do this?
    Drop a line to our customer support team (support@minutedock.com). If you provide us with a CSV file containing the data you want to import to MinuteDock, we’ll get everything setup.
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