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Time Tracking

The best time tracking software should be easy to use without getting in the way of actually doing the work! That's why we created MinuteDock: a smarter way to accurately track the amount of time you and your team spend on tasks.

Client Billing

Create accurate & customisable invoices from time spent on client projects. With flexible billing rate customisation & powerful accounting software connections, MinuteDock is the professional services billing software that will turn your month-end invoicing into a pleasure.


Make sure your projects get completed on time and within budget! You’ll make smarter business decisions from the timesheets submitted by your team – the data you need is right at your fingertips with MinuteDock’s powerful time reporting tools.

Team Management

Time tracking for teams: MinuteDock’s team management features help you keep track of employee timesheets, monitor staff productivity, and manage employee or contractor charge-out rates.

Let’s face it: tracking time and managing timesheets sucks

Time sheets, time cards, time recording, or time tracking... Whatever you call it, the right time tracking app is an essential tool for making your business successful.

That's why we built MinuteDock.

When it comes to recording your time, MinuteDock does things a little differently

Our smart timer lets you quickly record the work you’re doing without getting in the way of actually doing the work! It works like jotting down notes in your diary.

Simply by typing on your keyboard, you can categorise your time to clients, projects, or tasks, add notes, start/pause the timer – or just enter how many hours/minutes you worked. No clicking around, minimal fuss.

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Quickly send accurate & customised billing invoices to clients

Bill a client for all work in progress, or just a specific job or task. Roll-up and group tracked time, formatted & worded on your invoice with exactly the information that you want to show the client. Your billing charge-out rates automatically flow through, and can be customised by employee, client, project, task... or a combination! Your invoice template is even saved to make the process faster next time.

Your beautifully formatted invoice can be emailed straight to the client, or better yet: connect to one of our accounting software integrations to deliver it through your accounting tool.

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Easily monitor project profitability and keep track billable hours & work-in-progress

Review employee performance and ensure your team is working within budgets & targets by reporting on how much time your staff are recording on client projects, jobs or tasks. You can even save frequent reports as templates for quick and easy access, and send time-sheet reports to clients to keep them in the loop.

Need something a bit more specific? Simply export your reports and time data straight to Excel or CSV, allowing custom reports you can hook into your spreadsheets, such as your own balance sheet template or income statement template.

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Time tracking that connects to your accounting software

MinuteDock seamlessly connects with other business software. Do amazing things with incredible efficiency: bill for time using Xero’s accounting software, sync employee time-sheets with QuickBooks Payroll, and much more!

Intuit QuickBooks Logo


Import timesheets into QuickBooks for billing or payroll. Send client billing invoices with QuickBooks from time tracked in MinuteDock.

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Time tracking and billing with Xero Accounting. MinuteDock handles the time tracking, Xero handles the accounting & invoicing.

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MYOB Accounting Logo


Time recording and billing app for MYOB AccountRight & MYOB Essentials. Employees can track time in MinuteDock, and you can sync timesheets to your MYOB file.

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Freshbooks Logo


The time tracking app for Freshbooks Accounting software. Track timesheets via MinuteDock’s web and mobile apps, sync to Freshbooks for billing clients.

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Wave Apps Accounting Logo


Track time and bill clients with free accounting software by Wave Accounting. Sync timesheets to Wave and generate invoices.

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Add time tracking capabilities to Sage accounting software. Employee timesheets tracked via MinuteDock’s mobile and web apps sync to Sage for billing and payroll.

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Businesses all over the world love MinuteDock

MinuteDock is simple, quick and easy to use. I'm not that computer-savy and it's a breeze to use.

- Anna Cherry

I love that MinuteDock and Xero integrates so well. Makes my job so much easier.

- Ruben Van Der Merwe

I love the ease with which you can create an invoice with all the time-sheeting information clients want.

- Katja Forbes

I'm so SO thankful for this software, and specifically how it talks to Xero - it's made this part of my business so efficient.

- Tamara Shugart

An incredibly efficient and easy to use timekeeper! Perfect for keeping track of schedules.

- Benjamin Judd

Great tool, super responsive and lovely team. Makes invoicing a breeze.

- John Irving

MinuteDock saves me a ton of time and I know my time is being tracked accurately.

- Catherine Fogarty

I absolutely LOVE MinuteDock! Time tracking and invoicing was a chore until I starting using this about 6 months ago.

- Kate Beresford

Absolutely love using MinuteDock and it's intergration with Xero - this app saves me so much time each month.

- Lynda Fraser

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