Spotlight on Abletech: Software Developers Tracking Time With MinuteDock

It’s time to take another look at a great business in the community! As part of our ongoing series focusing on long time friends and customers of MinuteDock, we’ll dive into the values, history and thought of the good folk at Abletech. They’re all about designing, delivering, and supporting world class, high performance software solutions.

Abletech was founded by three technologists working in the banking industry. Carl, Nigel, and Marcus were frustrated by the Java based frameworks which they found overly complex with unproductive development processes. They knew there had to be a more effective method of thinking about and approaching software development.

At that time, the Ruby on Rails framework was gaining a reputation as an innovative way of tackling software development. They found this emerging technology helped to encourage both faster development and fostered the ability to respond to ever evolving needs.

Today Abletech continues to question the status quo, always looking to find innovative ways of streamlining and improving processes, as well as engaging in the online community to provide valuable expertise and support to emerging technologies. They evaluate these technologies critically and comprehensively: where appropriate, Abletech are always excited to recommend these to both their clients and the local development community.

The strong relationship between Abletech and MinuteDock began in 2010, when the quickly growing business sought to accommodate their time tracking needs. “We needed a time tracker, but we didn’t want to build one. Why reinvent the wheel?” write the team in their blog, explaining that MinuteDock allows them to integrate easily with Xero while providing a simple and flexible way of tracking time.

Abletech continue striding forwards on the strength of the team’s strong values.  They strive to embody the fundamental ideas of doing the right thing, remaining focused on sustainability, continuously striving for improvement, and maintain support and respect for all the people and businesses sharing their community. These strong values are a core part of what has driven Abletech’s success over the life of their business, and what will no doubt continue to motivate their team to keep pushing the envelope in software development. Maintaining the strength of these convictions is what will allow the team to navigate the murky waters of an uncertain economy and the trials of a global pandemic, as well as helping to support their community through these tough times.

Abletech are always striving to accelerate the success of their clients. Their focus on sharing, making every engagement personal, and being fast and efficient in their work are what provides their winning edge. Working with Abletech is just easy, as their strong reputation and record make placing your trust in them simple.

Having now grown their team to an expansive group of experts in the field, Abletech is a family of thinkers, innovators, cyclists, climbers, and foodies. Good business is about more than just the work – it’s about loving that work and being an integral part of a strong community.

At MinuteDock, we’re proud to have such a long and strong community relationship with great businesses like Abletech, and are excited to have been able to share their history and values with you. A big thanks to the team at Abletech for agreeing to be a part of our new community driven initiative and for being a great long-term friend and customer of MinuteDock! We wish the team all the best an expect great things to continue to come from them.

If you are interested in sharing your team’s story in our spotlight series, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the MinuteDock support team and be a part of our new community driven initiative!


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