Spotlight on PennyBooks - Accountants Tracking Time with MinuteDock

Accounting businesses make up a large section of MinuteDock’s user community, which is no surprise given MinuteDock’s history as a Xero start-up as well as our accounting partner program. PennyBooks is another of those businesses which pushes the envelope in terms of what a modern accounting firm can do for their clients. Innovativeness and adaptability to an ever changing and developing industry has allowed PennyBooks to remain on the cutting edge of accountancy providers for small businesses.

Founded by Brendon and James, who came from a Big 4 background in accounting, PennyBooks was initially based on the idea of value-based pricing, and avoiding the more traditional time interval-based billing model used by big accountancy firms. For Brendan and James, recording in 6 minute time intervals and billing by those same intervals was counterintuitive: they wanted to be able to provide their clients with a value based pricing model and do away with the need for time recording.

What they quickly found was that, even if their billing wasn’t time based, tracking their time and the time of their increasing team was still vital to keeping on top of productivity and making informed decisions surrounding resource allocation and client focus.

This, coupled with a desire to find something easy and intuitive to use and setup, is what led them to coming onboard with MinuteDock for their time tracking needs. As PennyBooks has grown to be a dispersed team with offices in London and in Mumbai, their ability to easily and quickly onboard new staff from any location and get them tracking time immediately with MinuteDock makes life much easier.

For the team at PennyBooks, no two businesses are exactly alike, so providing each business with the right tools suited to their unique needs on a day-to-day basis is a large part of what makes their monthly accounting package market leading in value. Their experience in working with a variety of start-ups and small businesses from numerous differing industries gives them the perspective to be able to provide reliable advice and service across the board.

Accounting doesn’t need to be rocket science, especially for small businesses. PennyBooks believe that passionately, and have made it a fundamental value of their business practice to make things as simple as possible for their clients.

We on the team at MinuteDock are grateful and excited to continue working with Brendan, James and the rest of the PennyBooks team to build strong and long-lasting community relationships.

Thanks a lot to Brendan and James for contributing to another one of our ‘spotlight’ series on long-time friends and customers of MinuteDock.

We’re looking forwards to learning more great stories like that PennyBooks’ and continuing to share them with you through the MinuteDock Academy site. Check out other great stories through our main Academy page.

If you are interested in sharing your team’s story in our spotlight series, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the MinuteDock support team and be a part of the spotlight feature! We’re always happy to hear from you with whatever feedback or input you might like to share.

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