Spotlight on Somerville Bookkeeping Services

Over the course of a business’s lifetime it will inevitably form numerous relationships. Many of those relationships, be they with clients, competitors, or contractors, will come and go, while others will grow in strength and last the test of time. Such is the case for us at MinuteDock when it comes to our long-time friendship with Somerville Bookkeeping Services.

Owner Robyn Flynn has been a staunch advocate of MinuteDock’s time tracking software over the years, and is well recognised in the accounting/bookkeeping field, having been acknowledged by her peers with awards as Top 10 Bookkeeper in the Women in Finance awards 2019 and the Australian Accounting Awards in 2020 & 2021. She’s also the author of ‘Life as an Occasional Digital Nomad’; a guide to running your bookkeeping business as you travel and her authorial debut. In it, Robyn offers bookkeepers a glimpse into her lifestyle, as well as which software options and work processes have helped her keep on top of her bookkeeping business even while travelling across Australia as well as a small segment of the world.

“With the book selling worldwide, it has given me the opportunity to talk about how technology can be used to access a different way of running a business” Robyn tells us. With her extensive experience and catalogue of knowledge about various business and bookkeeping tools, Robyn loves to share her expertise, not only through her book but also when acting as a webinar guest for the Pure Bookkeeping community to advise on software solutions, as well as when doing Asana training and through her contacts from speaking on The Successful Bookkeeper.

When it comes to operating Somerville Bookkeeping Services, Robyn is dedicated to helping clients free up space and time by utilising intuitive systems to allow them to quickly access and evaluate their information. Being assured that their finances will be accurately documented, and working with clients to provide regular, meaningful reports, allows Robyn to give her clients satisfaction and peace of mind when it comes to keeping on top of their profitability and financial responsibilities.

Regular travel makes it even more essential than usual for Robyn to have appropriate time tracking software for bookkeepers, which is where MinuteDock comes into play. MinuteDock’s timekeeping software allows Robyn to continue working from anywhere while accurately capturing her entire workload. She even uses it to track the CPD required by the Australian Tax Practitioners Board, telling us that “With MinuteDock’s reporting capabilities, I’m well placed to ensure I achieve the requirements to maintain my registration”.

These days, Robyn’s love for sharing efficiencies and streamlining work processes has led her to the Pure Bookkeeping community, where she accepted the Project Manager role for Cloud Apps. She gets to work with other bookkeepers who are experts in their own chosen software, pooling resources to create standard operating procedures specifically relevant to bookkeeping businesses using various popular software services and giving bookkeepers a community in which they can find a comprehensive guide around the main players in cloud software so they can create the right setup for their businesses.

Thanks to Robyn for being a part of our spotlight series, and for being a great advocate of MinuteDock! Check out her book, available in e-book format here.

We’re looking forwards to learning more great stories like that of Somerville Bookkeeping Services and continuing to share them with you through the MinuteDock Academy site. Check out other great stories through our main Academy page.

If you are interested in sharing your team’s story in our spotlight series, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the MinuteDock support team and be a part of the spotlight feature! We’re always happy to hear from you with whatever feedback or input you might like to share.

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