Fast & flexibile client billing

Save hours of time and turn invoicing day into a pleasure. Fast, flexible, and we’ll even work with your accounting system!

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  • Super quick billing

    Bill in just a couple of clicks with smart invoice generation that remembers your previous time & layout options.

  • Flexible formatting

    Present your bills your way. Change how time is grouped and what information is included in each line.

  • Bill any time you want

    Use our smart default time periods, or pick specific time entries that you want to included in a bill. It’s up to you.

  • Customisable rate system

    Configure hourly rates by client, project, task or employee, or use whatever price you want - the ultimate flexibility for how you price your work.

  • Accounting connections

    Connect to one of our supported accounting systems and we’ll send them the bill to deliver to the client. No more double entry!

  • Multi-currency support

    Globetrotting businesses can bill international customers without breaking a sweat with multi-currency billing per client or per invoice.

“It allowed us to bill from anywhere, using a web browser.”
Shivani Ganguly – Owner, Friday Consulting Read more →

Everything you need bill your clients

  • Customise hourly rates

    Set hourly rates for projects, tasks, users and contacts.

  • Send via accounting platform

    Hooks up to accounting systems to streamline your process.

  • Customisable formatting

    Group & format your line descriptions just how you want.

  • Easily write-off time

    Write off time by simply removing the line from the invoice.

  • Write-up or add charges

    You change whatever you want on the generated invoices.

  • Multi-currency billing

    Bill your global customer base without raising a sweat.

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