Track budgets, targets and hourly retainers

Flexible budgets and targets keep you & your team focussed and on track, or within agreed quotes or retainers!

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  • Hourly budgets and targets

    Set up hourly targets for work so you can keep on track as your team works. You can also set budgets and dates to get your projects completed on time.

  • Stay on top of retainers

    Targets and budgets can be set up on a daily, weekly or monthly recurring basis - perfect for retainer agreements or agreed workloads.

  • Watch progress in real-time

    Targets & budgets update their progress instantly as you track time, letting you & your team see their status at a glance.

  • Goals for any situation

    Set up your own custom goals by client, project, task, or a combination of all three. Our engine allows for keeping track of complex criteria.

“MinuteDock makes it easy for us to track client budgets, and address situations where we are going over budget.”
Shivani Ganguly – Owner, Friday Consulting Read more →

Everything you need to stay on budget

  • Create goals for everyone

    Create personal goals, or goals for the whole team.

  • Track personal targets

    Keep yourself on track for that 40 hour billable week target!

  • Monitor important projects

    Pin projects to see them below the dock when you log in.

  • Retainers & pre-paid hours

    Track hourly retainers and the time used or remaining.

  • Employee targets

    Configure individual targets and pin to employees' dashboards.

  • Automatic & easy

    They just 'match' time entries - set them up retrospectively too!

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