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Flexible permissions, rate configuration, employee targets and reporting let you get the best out of your team.

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  • Manager Friendly

    Keep track of your employees, edit their time sheets, and easily report on what an employee has worked on. You can even add time on their behalf.

  • Flexible employee permissions

    Customize what users can and can’t see; assign clients a team member should deal with, and hide parts of the business they shouldn’t see (like charge-out rates).

  • Billable rates per employee

    Configure exactly how your employees are charged out to your clients. You can apply custom billable rates to your team’s projects and tasks too.

  • Personalize employee targets

    Our powerful goals system lets you create specific targets employees should hit, and they can keep track of them throughout the week or month.

MRM happy customer
“Because it is user friendly, the team are happy to record their time as they go along.”
Petrina Day – Financial Controller, MRM Read more →

All you need to have your team humming along

  • Employee billable rates

    Specify a user’s hourly rate or a client & project rate.

  • Individual targets

    Create targets for individual team members.

  • Track employee progress

    Run reports on specific employees.

  • Permissions & access levels

    By default, new users won’t see hourly rate information.

  • Track time anywhere

    Your team doesn’t need to stay late to fill in their timesheets.

  • Manager data entry

    Managers can add or edit time entries on behalf of employees.

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