Spotlight on Munro Strategic Perspective: Lawyer Tracking Time With MinuteDock

During our adventure in our Spotlight features, we’ve learned a lot about the great people who make up the MinuteDock users’ community. We’ve learned about different industries, people, and values both business and personal. Now we take a look at another great customer in Munro Strategic Perspective, a business run by Melinda Munro who in her own words provides “business advice to government and non-profits and it can range from an operational organization review to a workplace investigation to a strategic diversity, equity and inclusion plan”. She focuses on working with the in-house expertise of her clients and uses her skills and experience to analyse current state and future state opportunities that drive a community improvement agenda.

Melinda is a passionate lawyer and advisor. She founded Munro Strategic Perspective in order to fulfil her desire to help organisations work through the complex challenges involved in making dreams into reality. Today, Munro Strategic Perspective operates out of the Canadian province of Ontario, where the name is recognised as a trustworthy and reliable part of the business community.

One of the first things you’ll notice in visiting the Munro site or blog is the image and continual idea of climbing a mountain. For Melinda, it’s clear that the view from the top is worth the effort of a tough climb, and it’s that key concept which drives her work with her clients to achieve their goals and reach their summit.

Melinda joined up with MinuteDock in 2017. She’s a lawyer, not an accountant or bookkeeper, so MinuteDock allows her to do her timekeeping, bookkeeping and billing in a quick and easy manner on a platform she can trust. Her work can be sometimes project based, and at other times time based, so she finds value in a variety of features, including budget setting, monthly reporting, and the accounting integration to Xero.

Her passion as a lawyer is about more that just business for Melinda. With over 30+ years of experience, she has long been an advocate for human rights issues, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. She is also a proud participating member of the Kindness, Justice and Inclusion Consulting Collective – this group of professional women bring their own lived experience and expertise together to create inclusion, diversity, equity and anti-racism programs for both clients in the public sector as well as not-for-profit organisations. It’s that strong moral and social code which provide the foundational values which have driven Melinda’s work throughout her career.

At Minutedock, we view good business as being about more than just the numbers or efficient processes. Instead, it’s about people, about contributing to community, and Melinda’s values back up that view. Getting the best work a person can do out of them requires giving them work they are passionate about, and it’s more than clear that Melinda is truly passionate about the work she does and the causes she fights for.

We on the team at MinuteDock are grateful and excited to continue working with Melinda and Munro Strategic Perspective to build strong and long-lasting community relationships. Thanks a lot to Melinda for contributing to another one of our ‘spotlight’ series on long-time friends and customers of MinuteDock. We’re looking forwards to learning more great stories like that of Munro Strategic Perspective and continuing to share them with you through the MinuteDock Academy site. Check out other great stories through our main Academy page.

If you are interested in sharing your team’s story in our spotlight series, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the MinuteDock support team and be a part of our new community driven initiative! We’re always happy to hear from you with whatever feedback or input you might like to share.

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