Why you need a 'suite' of apps rather than a 'all-in-one' solution

There is no such thing as the one product that solves all of every type of businesses problems. By picking and choosing apps that connect to each other, you can pick specialised solutions that work ideally for your business, and get a much better result.

“One size fits all” solutions can be awful for everyone to use!

Use software specialised to your business’ needs

Significant trade-offs are made in usability and flexibility when combining features into a one-size-fits-all package. Across a business and a team, the savings in time and training costs for using solutions that are able to be made simpler because they’re solving just a specific problem can significantly reduce admin overhead and increase the profitability of your business.

For example, MinuteDock focusses on time tracking for professional services. We leverage your accounting system’s invoicing and payment platform (we know they offer a best-in-class product in that space), and this frees us up to focus on making time tracking as simple and efficient as possible.

Specialised software products will improve faster

By virtue of being focussed on a specific problem (rather than every problem), connected software will generally receive more frequent improvements & additions than you’d receive with a “one-size-fits-all” solution. This is because each product’s team is listening and acting on specific feedback for what their particular product focuses on, rather than having to prioritise between all of the other features for other niche industries!

Using a suite of tools makes growing your business easier

The software that was ideal for your business on day one, may no longer be a good fit on day one-thousand when your business has grown through the roof (hopefully!). When you’re using different cloud-connected software for different areas of your business, it’s easy to just swap out solutions when and where you need to, with minimal impact to your other software. The great thing is that this reduces costs and overheads of training and makes transitions during growth seamless.

You don’t have to compromise

In the past, you had to choose between software packages that all did each of ten different things your business needed, but with their strengths and weaknesses. This meant that you needed to compromise by using a solution that wasn’t the best in every area. With specialised cloud-connected software, you can mix-and-match by picking the best solution for each role, potentially having a big impact on the efficiency of your business.

Are you using the best software to get the most out of your business?

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