Spotlight on Springtimesoft Consulting - Web Consultants Tracking Time With MinuteDock

MinuteDock has been around for a fair while now, having been in operation for more than a decade. Inevitably, customers come and go over such a period of time, with relationships building in strength or fading away naturally across the years. But some connections stand the test of time, and one such is the great customer relationship we share with the good folk at Springtimesoft Consulting, Web consultants based across New Zealand.

Springtimesoft have been with MinuteDock since 2010, three years before even officially becoming Springtimesoft Consulting, making them one of MinuteDock’s longest running users. Operating remotely throughout New Zealand, with workers across Auckland, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay and Wellington, the Springtimesoft team work across a range of industries to create thoughtful digital solutions and deliver impactful results.

The transition into becoming Springtimesoft Consulting occurred in 2013, with founders Perrin, Lenz, Ben, Manu and Zane coming together under a set of strong business and community values; to protect the environment while being committed to and maintaining Open-Source software for flexibility and transparency, as well as using their work and team environment to uplift people both within and without their business.

The passion for software development in Springtimesoft’s crew of vastly experienced full-stack developers is on full display in their proven track record for delivering excellent solutions, both within New Zealand and internationally. Their past projects, whether they be custom business tools, e-commerce systems or high traffic websites, have given them the kind of real-world learning and insight that allow their clientele to benefit greatly from their expertise.

With a focus on transparency in their work process, the team uses Open-Source software and tools to allow access to the inner layers of their software stack. Their clients are given full visibility into their work progress, able to inspect source code and be assured of the progress of their projects.

But don’t let the focus on transparency fool you! Security is always a forefront concern for Springtimesoft. The team are well versed in security vulnerabilities, and work hard to keep their software up to date with security patches to provide their clients with peace of mind about their sensitive data.

When it comes to using MinuteDock, Springtimesoft keep on top of all their projects, both external and internal, with MinuteDock’s easy to use and efficient timekeeping system. The projects feature, alongside MinuteDock’s Xero integration, let Springtimesoft turn timekeeping and admin into a breeze, with the Goals feature providing a great way to visually track hours usage across a given project or time period. MinuteDock keeps the time recording simple and efficient so the team can crack on with the nitty gritty of their real passion – software and all things tech!

There's one thing about Springtimesoft that hasn't ever changed or faded across the years; the enthusiasm and passion of their team for what they do. It's no surprise to see a love of what they do has served as a fantastic platform for their ongoing success, and their contributions to the cloud software world will no doubt continue to inspire and spread that infectious enthusiasm with every project they undertake.

We on the team at MinuteDock are grateful and excited to continue working with the team at Springtimesoft to maintain strong and long-lasting community relationships. Thanks a lot to the Springtimesoft team for contributing to our ‘spotlight’ series on customers of MinuteDock and members of the cloud software community. We’re looking forwards to learning more great stories like theirs and sharing them through our MinuteDock academy site as we move forwards.

If you are interested in sharing your team’s story in our spotlight series, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the MinuteDock support team and be a part of our new community driven initiative!

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