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Cloudsourced Accounting

Los Angeles, USA

Blake Oliver is the CEO of Cloudsourced Accounting, a cloud accounting firm based in the US.

Cloudsourced Accounting are a team of 25, based in 4 different time zones over the US. They’re a Xero Platinum Partner who specialize in setting up and integrating Xero with its hundreds of add-ons.

Blake’s team all work from home and set their own hours, but being a non-traditional workplace isn’t without its challenges. “As a virtual firm our biggest challenge is team coordination. We don't see each other in person often so we have to work extra hard to make sure we're doing a good job communicating online.”

Luckily, they’ve found that MinuteDock makes it easy to see how the whole team is performing. “I can get my staff to enter time every day, so I have up to date reports on how much time staff are spending on each project.”

One of the main reasons Blake and his team love MinuteDock is the speed with which they can enter their time. “It is really easy to record a time entry without having to use the mouse. When creating dozens or even hundreds of time entries every day, this saves a lot of time.”

"MinuteDock appealed to me because it was hands down the quickest and most efficient method for entering time. Our bookkeepers love it."

How would Blake describe MinuteDock to someone who hasn’t heard of it?
“MinuteDock is the fastest and easiest way to track time and invoice that time with Xero.”

Update: Cloudsourced Accounting has recently been acquired by HPC. “We very much enjoyed using MinuteDock as part of Cloudsourced and I would definitely credit MD with being a part of our success in getting acquired.”

Congratulations & thanks Blake, from the MinuteDock team.

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