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Tech, Startup
London, United Kingdom

Nik Wakelin is the founder of Gelato – a startup that helps companies with their API Documentation.

Gelato founder photo

As well as being the founder, Nik also does all of the tech work on their product. This means there’s a lot he’s got to get done each day – luckily using MinuteDock enables him to focus. “I like the dock bar, because I want to get in and out and back to work and it helps me do that.”

Nik’s biggest challenge is getting a lot done in a small amount of time, so he needs to know exactly what he should be working on. He uses MinuteDock’s reporting to pinpoint what parts of his app are being favoured or neglected, “I see where my time is going, dig in and get real visibility into what parts of the system need more time (and what parts need less!)”

How would Nik describe MinuteDock to someone who hasn’t heard of it?
“Fastest way to track your time.”

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