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Friday Consulting

San Francisco, USA

Shivani Ganguly is the owner of Friday Consulting, a San Francisco based team who nurtures businesses’ finances from their conception, to scaling and beyond.

Friday Consulting owner photo

Friday Consulting has two core team members who work with a variety of subcontractors on a project by project basis. “MinuteDock allows me to track my own time, and see where all consultants are in terms of time.”

Because their whole business revolves around other businesses’ financials, keeping track of their own budgets are super important to how they work. “MinuteDock makes it easy for us to track client budgets, and address situations where we are going over budget.”

"When we moved our accounting to Xero, we wanted a solution that integrated with Xero and didn't require double entry of invoices."

How would Shivani describe MinuteDock to someone who hasn’t heard of us?

"A flexible, affordable time tracking solution that integrates with Xero."

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