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London, United Kingdom

Petrina Day is a Finance Director based in London, who works primarily with PR & Marketing firms.

MRM Finance director photo

She takes on this role part-time across 2-3 businesses at a time, including at MRM London - a public relations consultancy with over 20 staff.

Because she works for small companies, she’s often the only
non-client-facing person they will hire - meaning she needs to bring real insights & improvements to the table.

“I'm confident that the data we are collecting is accurate as it is being input on a more regular basis.”

Petrina’s role centers around reporting to business directors on resources and profitability. MinuteDock helps ensure that her team are using their time and – more importantly – their clients’ time effectively. “Our services are time intensive so keeping track of how employees are using their time and ensuring client profitability is important.”

Before finding MinuteDock, the team were manually tracking time in Excel.  “All employees would log their time in their own spreadsheet, forward it to me at the end of each month and then I would consolidate it across all clients. A very lengthy process!”

After trying MinuteDock out, she knew it would appeal to her young, modern team. They love MinuteDock’s simplicity and ease of use - now the team at MRM happily record their time as they’re working. In the long run, this means the time they’re tracking is more accurate and the business is not missing out on billable hours and revenue. “I'm confident that the data we are collecting is accurate as it is being input on a more regular basis.”

“They don’t have to stay late to fill in their timesheets.”

The MinuteDock mobile interface is popular too: the team can access MinuteDock on their way home and “they don’t have to stay late to fill in their timesheets!”

When it comes to reporting, for Petrina “collating data and reporting it in a timely manner is crucial to what I deliver to my clients.” MinuteDock’s reporting tools helps identify strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint where there’s room for improvement, and figure out where the most profitable or unprofitable parts of the business are. She can see right away if clients or tasks are taking more time than planned. “It helps make sure that our clients are paying for the time they get!”

Beyond just reporting for clients overall, MinuteDock also helps provide actionable insight for keeping the team running smoothly internally. “MinuteDock can help us to spread new business fairly across employees, identify where there may be training required if more time is taken on specific tasks.”

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