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We spoke to Ryan Shelly from Pepper IT about how MinuteDock has improved their workflow

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PepperIT is a full service digital and social media agency based in the beautiful Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, with clients throughout Australia, UK and America. We specialise in digital, social media and online marketing to capture and engage your online audience. Our service is broad to ensure we can provide you with the complete full service in all things digital.

“We even find it helps get more work done.”

We are a small team that work closely together on each project. This helps us to give a personal approach to each of our clients.

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What do you use MinuteDock for?

At Pepper IT we use MinuteDock to stay on top of the busy agency life. MinuteDock helps to create a rhythm in the day and make sure we don’t get distracted! By easily viewing how much time you’ve spent working on a particular project, MinuteDock allows our team to better time manage. It also helps us with accurate billing clients. We even find it helps get more work done. The timer can be very motivating for not looking at your emails too many times.

What problems you had before MinuteDock?

Before MinuteDock we were using Excel to track our time and stay on top of projects. But this would often be a clunky process, especially when working out how much time had been spent on each task or client. With MinuteDock, and the timer in-built into the platform, it’s really easy to know exactly how much time you’ve spent on each task, and how much time you have spent a day on working.

How does MinuteDock help you solve those problems?

It is so much easier to use MinuteDock. The platform is so easy to use on a browser or on the app, and the tagging makes it quick and efficient to log tasks without tiresome clicking through excel sheets. We can also be much more accurate when calculating hours for clients and knowing how much time we need to allocate for certain services.

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